Today, Promer Group marks more than 28 years of growth as one of Turkey’s leading construction companies. Established in 1982 with a mandate to contribute to society through construction-related business activities, Promer has evolved into a global-scale contractor . Its involvement in projects, which improve living standards and enhance the quality of life, reflects the company’s devotion to its founding principles and sustains its reputation as a good corporate citizen worldwide.

Promer headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, maintains a workforce of more than 2,000 employees located in 6 countries in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

In every aspect of its operations, Promer Group’s approach reflects a deep concern for the environment and an awareness of the importance of maintaining a balance between the needs of people and society and the preservation of natural resources.

Befitting its status as a truly global corporation, Promer Group will continue to maintain this perspective as it contributes to the prosperity of society through its involvement in public and private sector projects.

Promer Group, maintains a
workforce of more than 2.000
employees located in 6 countries in
Asia, Europe and Middle East.

  Promer’s mission is to reach to complete satisfaction of its valuable employers
with beyond expectation of quality and on time construction. Reflecting the
International 25 years of Project Management experience to Qatar Market, Promer
Qatar is aiming to execute Turnkey Construction Projects for its employers for a
long future.
To reach to this target, Promer has started an execution plan to own all
equipment, cars, trucks, family and bachelor accommodation and labor compounds
in Doha and Al Khor.
As a conclusion Promer Qatar, will always be a reliable, trustwothy and believed
brand name partner to its valued governmental organizations and for all other
employers that enhance our civilization.
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Promer Group, maintains a
workforce more than 2.000
employees located at 6 countries in
Asia, Europe and Middle East.
Contracting Co.W.L.L.
Contracting Co.W.L.L.

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment
Promer Qatar believes in the wellbeing of all people and to safeguarding the environment. We are
particularly proud in being proactive in using innovative techniques during our operations to achieve the
highest levels of quality, to minimize the risk of injury to our workforce and to the public, while minimizing the
impact on the environment.
Promer Qatar is committed throughout its organization from “top down” to this goal as is demonstrated by
our Policy Statements for Quality and Health, Safety & Environment signed by our Chief Executive Officer, Mr.
Erhan Ekermen.
Promer Qatar are compliant with the internationallyrecognized Standards, ISO 9001: 2008 for Quality,
OHSAS 1800: 2007 for Safety and ISO 14001: 2004 for the Environment
Promer Qatar maintains the principal of continual improvement and will continue to improve on all aspects of
its operations for the betterment of all.


Promer Qatar Contracting Co. W.L.L. is a registered company in the State of Qatar, with the
Company Registration Number 33113, established on 07/06/2006.